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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 8-21-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 8-21-19

    Already time for your Wednesday  NCMS Morning Rounds. Aug. 21, 2019 NEW Combination Nicotine Replacement Therapy Patient Education Resource Quitline NC, which provides free cessation services to any North Carolina […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 8-20-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 8-20-19

    Enjoy your Tuesday NCMS Morning Rounds. Aug. 20, 2019 Keep Saving that Date — For LEAD Health Care Conference Please keep Oct. 3-4 reserved on your calendar to attend the […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds

    NCMS Morning Rounds

    8-19-19 Good Morning! It’s a new week and time for your NCMS Morning Rounds. Aug. 19, 2019 NCMS Legislative Update Yes, the legislature is still in session with several bills of […]

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  • NCMS Political Pulse 8-16-19

    Watch this quick recap of what has been happening at the NC General Assembly this week. News includes that the association health plan bill made it to the Governor’s desk, […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 8-16-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 8-16-19

    Happy Friday! Enjoy your   NCMS Morning Rounds. Aug. 16, 2019 Clarification: For those caring for State Health Plan members, if you want to rescind your participation in the new State […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 8-15-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 8-15-19

    It’s Thursday and time for your  NCMS Morning Rounds. Aug. 15, 2019 Deadline TODAY for State Health Plan Network Decision Tonight at midnight is the deadline to decide if and […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 8-14-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 8-14-19

    Halfway through the week and here’s your  NCMS Morning Rounds. Aug. 14, 2019 NC Receives $5.6 Million to Help Fight Opioid Crisis Last week the US Department of Health and […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 8-13-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 8-13-19

    Read on for Tuesday’s  NCMS Morning Rounds. Aug. 13, 2019 Take Just 5 Minutes to Address “Surprise” Billing The NCMS has been weighing in on quickly-moving federal legislation to address […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 8-12-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 8-12-19

    Welcome to a new week. Here’s your  NCMS Morning Rounds. Aug. 12, 2019 NCMS Legislative Update More than a month has elapsed since the state’s new fiscal year began and […]

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  • NCMS Political Pulse for August 9, 2019

    While the NC Senate had a quiet week, the NC House held committee meetings and moved several bills that could impact your practice. Watch as NCMS Assistant Director for Legislative […]

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