AMA Delegate Candidate: William E. (Bill) Bowman, Jr., MD

William E. (Bill) Bowman, Jr., MD           

Specialty:  General Surgery/Administration

Practice:  Greensboro, NC

Type of practice: Retired, except for single-topic consulting for Cone Health on medical-staff matters.

Medical School: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Why I am seeking this position: It has been a gratifying experience for me to represent NCMS and the physicians of North Carolina for several years on our AMA delegation and work to bring about meaningful attention to the issues facing us.  I like being a part of policy development to address the problems facing physicians and our patients.  I think my experience as a surgeon, medical-staff leader and leader at NCMS/AMA provide the background for me to have influence and effective representation for NCMS at the AMA House.  Our AMA delegation is about to enter a period of transition.  I would like to continue for one more term to provide stability and to mentor new members of the delegation during that period.

The top three issues facing physicians and PA’s in North Carolina today are: 1. Assurance of satisfaction and success of the individual physician in various practice forms and relationships, often with large health systems or businesses not specifically related to medical practice. 2. Maintenance of a healthy physician workforce by proper attention to change in medical education, prevention of burnout, and meeting the challenges of changing practice because of EMR and other distractions. 3. Assurance of prominence of physician leadership in health-system changes, which are occurring in American medicine.


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