AMA Delegate Candidate: G. Hadley Callaway, MD

G. Hadley Callaway, MD

Specialty:  Orthopedics

Practice:  Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic

Type of practice:  Independent private practice

Medical School:  Harvard University

Why I am seeking this position: Just like the NC Legislature looks to the NCMS for ‘the doctors’ voice,’ the federal government looks to the AMA for guidance on issues affecting doctors and our patients. The AMA meetings gather physicians of all ages, specialties and regions of the country to find a consensus. The meetings are tedious, but they do a good job creating the best policy. I enjoy the meetings because I hear about upcoming regulations, potential problems and changes in health care. I also want to make sure the NCMS’ positions and goals are represented in the discussion. I would be honored to be the delegate to the AMA for NCMS and the physicians of North Carolina.

The top three issues facing physicians and PAs in North Carolina today are: Opioid epidemic, the effect of hospital mergers on physician job opportunities, difficult and expensive electronic medical records systems.


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