AMA Alternate Delegate Candidate: Liana Puscas, MD, MHS, MA

Liana Puscas, MD, MHS, MA

Specialty:  Otolaryngology

Practice:  Duke University Health System and the Durham VA Medical Center

Type of practice:  Academic

Medical School:  University of Miami

Why I am seeking this position:  The AMA is a great opportunity to learn about health care issues and the various ways different factors impact the delivery of care throughout the country.  Being a part of an AMA delegation requires knowledge, preparation and thoughtful deliberation to consider all aspects of an issue prior to voting on AMA policy. I have been active in the AMA for many years and bring much experience to the role of NCMS delegation member. For the past two years, I have enjoyed working alongside our delegation members to represent the interests and needs of NC to the larger AMA House. As someone who practices both at Duke and the VA, I am able to provide a broader perspective on issues because of my two very different practice settings, and because I am a member of the AMA Council on Medical Education, I am also able to give back to the NCMS by elevating our visibility within the House of Delegates. I am running for a second term on the NCMS AMA Delegation because I have the experience and knowledge to continue doing a good job for the NCMS in this role and because I want to continue learning from my NCMS colleagues as we work together in the AMA House.

The top three issues facing physicians and PAs in North Carolina today are: 1) The restructuring of Medicaid within NC. 2) The move to Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) across all different types of health care plans and health care settings. 3) The struggle of rural hospitals to stay open and provide access for patients in rural communities.


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