AMA Alternate Delegate Candidate: E. Rebecca Hayes, MD

E. Rebecca Hayes, MD

Specialty:  Family Medicine

Practice: Elizabeth Family Medicine, Charlotte, NC

Type of practice:  Hospital owned, residency practice

Medical School:  Medical University of South Carolina

Why I am seeking this position: Health care in the U.S. is currently in transition and now more than ever the voices of physicians need to be heard.  The delivery of health care is changing to a value-based system, which has the exciting potential to improve health care in our country, but also, as with any change, has the potential to introduce unforeseen consequences.  It is my firm belief that physicians must be at the front of this movement to ensure the safety of our patients and to navigate through these changes.

The top three issues facing physicians and PAs in North Carolina today are: 1) Transitioning to value-based care models while still providing high quality, personalized health care; 2) Providing high-quality care with limited resources to all of NC’s residents; 3) Building a robust physician-based primary care workforce.


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