Specialty Societies

The Specialty Society, Meeting & Education Services Department provides a wide range of management services to medical specialty societies, including advocacy, membership maintenance and recruitment, meeting management, legislative assistance, financial management, file management, communications production, and executive and clerical support. NCMS manages the following societies:

  1. Carolinas Society of Endocrinologists
  2. NC Chapter, American College of Physicians
  3. North Carolina Dermatology Association
  4. North Carolina Neurological Society
  5. North Carolina Obstetrical and Gynecological Society
  6. North Carolina Orthopaedic Association
  7. North Carolina Society of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery
  8. North Carolina Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons
  9. North Carolina Society of Pathologists
  10. North Carolina Spine Society

For more information, e-mail Megan Eberle or Alan Skipper or call 800-722-1350 and ask to speak to the Specialty Society Department.

Other Specialty Societies of Interest

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