CPP Profile: Rosemary Chickos, MD


Dr. Chickos Comes to Murphy, NC, Thanks to the Community Practitioner Program

When Rosemary Chickos, MD, graduated from medical school, she knew she wanted to practice general surgery in a small town where she could get to know her patients well and follow their care closely. When she began looking at practices that were looking for general surgeons, she found that most were able to offer tuition reimbursement programs. Nestled in the mountains in far western North Carolina, picturesque small town Murphy did not offer such programs, and it was almost a deal breaker. Murphy Medical Center’s CEO Mike Stevenson connected Dr. Chickos with the North Carolina Medical Society’s Community Practitioner Program.

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the CPP helping me repay my medical school loans and providing moral and practice consulting support. Doctors are definitely needed here. A lot of the population is under-served and are either under-insured or uninsured. They don’t come to see you until they’re really sick, for fear of expensive medical bills. The patients are very grateful for feeling better after treatment, which makes it all more rewarding…. It’s thanks to the NCMS Foundation that I can serve the people of this community, get the necessary support for my practice, and enjoy such a beautiful place.”

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