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  • NCGA House Coronavirus Package

    NCGA House Coronavirus Package

    On April 30, 2020, the House passed HB 1043 – Pandemic Response Act.  The House and Senate Appropriations Chairs are currently conferencing to decide which provisions from the House and […]

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  • HB-1040 Healthcare for Working NC

    HB-1040 Healthcare for Working NC

    HB 1040 – Healthcare for Working North Carolinians Primary Sponsor: Rep. Sydney Batch (D-Wake) This bill expands Medicaid to individuals under the following provisions: Gross income of 133% of the […]

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  • HB-1046 COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave

    HB-1046 COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave

    HB 1046 – COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave Primary Sponsors: Rep. Susan Fisher (D-Buncombe), Rep. Sydney Batch (D-Wake), Rep. Pricey Harrison (D-Guilford) This bill would provide paid sick leave in response […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 4-30-20

    NCMS Morning Rounds 4-30-20

    Enjoy your Thursday NCMS Morning Rounds.   April 30, 2020 NC Legislature Is Back and Busy The NC General Assembly reconvened on Tuesday and got right to work — albeit […]

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  • NCGA Senate COVID-19 Package

    NCGA Senate COVID-19 Package

    SB 704 – COVID-19 Recovery Act Establishment of Coronavirus Relief Reserve $6 million for DHHS to allocate to the 6 food banks $15 million for DHHS for one time payment […]

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  • NCGA House Rules Committee

    NCGA House Rules Committee

    The House Rules Committee met on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. HB 1037 – Health Care Working Group Policy Rec. This bill contains the same language passed in the House Health […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 4-29-20

    NCMS Morning Rounds 4-29-20

    It’s Wednesday and time for your NCMS Morning Rounds.   April 29, 2020 AMA Issues Ethics Guidance During Pandemic Yesterday, the same day that the NCMS, NC Healthcare Association and […]

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  • NCGA House Health Committee

    NCGA House Health Committee

    The NCGA House Health Committee met on Tuesday, April 28. The Committee discussed the policy bill recommendation from the House Health COVID-19 Woring Group. View the previous NCMS Summary on […]

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  • NCGA House Finance Committee

    NCGA House Finance Committee

    The North Carolina General Assembly House Finance Committee met on Tuesday, April 28 at 1:00pm. The Committee considered the two bills that were approved by the House COVID-19 Economic Support […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 4-28-20

    NCMS Morning Rounds 4-28-20

    Happy Tuesday! Here is your NCMS Morning Rounds.   April 28, 2020 NC General Assembly Reconvenes Today The NC General Assembly heads back into regular session today, with both the […]

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