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  • NCTracks Update — Common Billing Errors to Avoid

    The NC Department of Health and Human Services and CSC, the firm overseeing the implementation of the new Medicaid claims system, are working 24/7 to make the transition as smooth as possible and have already fixed some of the initial problems practices were facing during the first week of the transistion. Here is the latest from CSC on other issues to be aware of before the first full checkwrite on July 17.

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  • NCTracks Update — Not Chugging Along Quite Yet

    NCTracks, the new Medicaid claims system, is not chugging along at full speed yet – there are still lengthy hold times at the call center as practices seek help with various glitches. But problems are being addressed. Provider portal access has improved and, as of Monday, CSC states that 2 million claims have been processed thus far on the new system.

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  • NCTracks — Trouble-Shooting Update

    The crew at CSC, which is overseeing the launch and performance of the new NC Tracks Medicaid Claims system, worked over the July 4th holiday to make sure the system was on track for the first checkwrite. Here is the latest on progress they have made addressing the problems users have identified thus far.

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  • The Latest on NCTracks — Trouble Log Report and Update

    The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) received more than 60 online entries to our Trouble Log over the first two days. We are tracking the types of complaints and relaying these to CSC.

    The majority of the complaints we have received have focused on:

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