Vet’s Choice Program Contact Info Update

The contact information for HealthNet claims for the Veteran Choice program has been updated. The new contact email is: or call Customer Service 1-866-606-8198

For claims questions, go to to check the status.  If you are having issues with the claims then please follow these instructions:

  • If you are using the Express Entry feature, try manually entering the NPI instead.
  • When asked, ‘Is the provider name the same as the organization name?’, answer ‘No.’
  • The NPI is the billing NPI from the submitted claim.
  • The subscriber ID can be the 10-digit number from the Veteran’s card or his/her Social Security Number.
  • The date of service can be the exact date the service(s) were rendered or a date range (30 day maximum).
  • Only complete the required fields that are marked with a red asterisk.

If you still are having trouble, please contact Availity Client Services 800-282-4548. A fully staffed team will provide technical support, and will immediately open a ticket to triage provider issues.


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