The Physicians Foundation Survey: Patients Satisfied With Care; Concerned About Costs

The Physicians Foundation recently released the results of its second biennial patient survey aimed at gaining a better understanding of how Americans are feeling when they step out of the doctor’s office. The survey gathered responses from a statistically significant national sample of 1,747 U.S. adults between the ages of 27 and 75 who had two visits with the same doctor in the past year. Conducted by Regina Corso Consulting in June 2017 on behalf of the Physicians Foundation, a number of the questions from the survey corresponded with similar questions from the Foundation’s 2016 Biennial Physician Survey, in order to compare patients’ and physicians’ outlook on the healthcare landscape.

Results show 95 percent of Americans are satisfied with their primary care physician, but only 11 percent feel they have enough time with their physicians. That time is crucial to many consumers who have an even bigger concern, cost. Eighty-nine percent are fearful that the rising cost of health care will adversely impact them in the future. Specifically, over half (56 percent) of patients say the cost of prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals directly contributes to rising health care costs.

For a deeper look at these findings and others you can review the entire report here.


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  • Ronald prucha

    MACRA will bring big changes to healthcare with an emphasis on quality as measured by myriad metrics in the near future. What are large Physician employers going to do about increasing the amount of time we spend with patients in order to achieve this goal of improved quality?