Thank You for Sharing Your Practice Audit Experience

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey on practice audits. The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) had created this survey to learn more about payment audits and the entities that perform them as part of our on-going efforts to improve how audits of physicians are conducted.

Since August 27, when it was first distributed, 54 people have responded to the survey. The majority work in smaller (6-50 person) independent practices. Of those surveyed, 22 or about 41 percent had been audited by a Medicare agency or contractor. Thirteen people had an audit by Medicaid, a private insurer, TriCare or another federal insurer. Three people had multiple audits on the same claim or issue.

The NCMS has shared the survey results with lawmakers at the national level to help them in their efforts to improve the system.

Thank you again for sharing your experiences.



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