Take Your Quality Program to the Next Level With Our Own CQU

Are you and your team looking to hone your leadership skills to navigate the new quality initiatives? If so, the Leadership in Clinical Quality or Clinical Quality University (CQU) program, part of the Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership, can help.

This team-based course prepares and supports physicians and their staff, as they drive quality improvement projects from planning to implementation and then sustaining the project within their organization through leadership development. CQU also leverages the physician leaders’ unique knowledge, skills and attitudes to build teams, enhance communication and develop core leadership competencies.

Over the course of the program you and your colleagues will discover what works for your practice and how to sustain the changes while acquiring new skills that will serve both your practice and professional growth in tangible and intangible ways.

Get the details and apply today. If you have questions, please contact Erin Grover, egrover@ncmedsoc.org.


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