Some NCMS’ 160th Annual Meeting Highlights

Over 200 North Carolina Medical Society members and guests gathered at the Grandover Resort and Conference Center last weekend, Oct. 24-25, for the Society’s 160th Annual Meeting and House of Delegates. To view photos from the event, visit our Facebook page.

Beyond reconnecting with colleagues and friends from across the state, attendees learned about veterans’ care from a CME panel of experts and the US Interim Undersecretary for Health at the Veterans Administration, about steps the state is taking in the event a patient is diagnosed with Ebola in North Carolina from the state’s medical epidemiologist and celebrated the inauguration of the new NCMS President, Robert E. Schaaf, MD, FACR.

Dr. Schaaf has been on the NCMS Board of Directors since 2004 and has served on six NCMS committees during his 33 years of membership. He also has been a Governor-appointed member of the NC Medical Care Commission since 2005. Dr. Schaaf is the former president and managing partner of Wake Radiology, having served in that role from 1986 until just last year.

At his inauguration and at the House of Delegates, Dr. Schaaf spoke of his vision for the coming year including what promises to be the biggest legislative challenge, Medicaid reform.

“The North Carolina Medical Society has proposed a Medicaid reform plan that uses the physician-led ACOs across the state to reduce Medicaid spending while preserving and improving quality,” he said.  “That’s a big assignment, but to-date the positive experience of our members tells us that there is potential here — potential that we should work hard to achieve for our patients and for ourselves.”

Your 2015 NCMS Board of Directors:

 Robert E. Schaaf, MD, FACR, President

Docia E. Hickey, MD, President-Elect

Timothy J. Reeder, MD, Secretary-Treasurer

Palmer Edwards, MD, Speaker

John J. Meier, IV, MD, Vice-Speaker

Devdutta G. Sangvai, MD, Immediate Past President

Paul R. G. Cunningham, MD, Region 1 Representative

Jeffrey W. Runge, MD, Region 2 Representative

Arthur E. Apolinario, MD, Region 3 Representative

Robert A. Yapundich, MD, Region 4 Representative

Michelle F. Jones, MD, At-Large Member

Brian S. Kuszyk, MD, At-Large Member

Michael J. Utecht, MD, At-Large Member



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