Several Examples of Why We Are Opposed to Managed Care

Throughout the lengthy legislative debate over how to reform North Carolina’s Medicaid system, NCMS has been vocal about our opposition to using corporate managed care organizations as the key to reform. There are numerous examples from other states where ┬ámanaged care has not proved cost effective, and, most importantly, did not serve patients’ best interests. Here are just two examples from the mainstream media illustrating these points.

Medicaid Shift Fuels Rush for Profitable Clients, The New York Times

Insurer Drops New York Medicaid Coverage for 53,000 Over Unsustainable Losses, Daily Caller



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  • Richard Wyderski

    Just wondering if there are success stories of Medicaid Managed Care done well. I don’t disagree with NCMS’s position given the horror stories and the potential for abuse, but in Ohio me and most of my colleagues thought that CareSource and Molina, two not-for-profit managed care companies, did a pretty good job meeting the needs of Medicaid clients without hosing providers. That might have been why Governor Kasich, a Republican, agreed to expand Medicaid in Ohio under the Affordable Care Act to help meet the needs of the uninsured.