PT Licensure for Military Spouses

HB 57 – Enact Physical Therapy Licensure Compact

Primary Sponsors: Rep. John Szoka (R – Cumberland), Rep. Grier Martin (D – Wake), Rep. Holly Grange (R – New Hanover)

This act intends to facilitate a physical therapy licensure compact to allow for trailing military spouses who are physical therapists to practice as they move from state to state following new assignments for their military spouse. This would allow trailing spouses to practice in NC by going through an expedited licensure process. There are protections in place through the compact to ensure proper training, good standing and appropriate other requirements to protect patient safety when these physical therapists would be licensed in NC.

This bill is on a fast track to move through the legislative process. If NC is one of the first 10 states to pass this compact, NC would be allowed to be a member of the governing body of this compact moving forward.


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