NCMS Supports Connecticut Doctors in Lawsuit against United HealthCare

NCMS Participates as Amicus Curiae in Second Circuit Court of Appeals

When United HealthCare (UHC) suddenly terminated over 2,000 Connecticut doctors from its Medicare Advantage networks in December, two county medical associations successfully blocked the action in federal district court.

UHC appealed the injunction to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, where the North Carolina Medical Society joined with the Connecticut State Medical Society and thirty-two (32) other national, state, county and specialty medical associations supporting the injunction and opposing UHC’s efforts to move ahead with the terminations.  Read the amicus brief here  

The case is one of national significance because UHC intends to take similar actions against physicians in Medicare Advantage markets across the country, including North Carolina.  NCMS will continue to follow the developments in Connecticut closely, and work to promote fair contract dealings between managed care plans and in-network physicians.


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