NCMS Foundation Creates Disaster Relief Program For Medical Practices

To Medical Practices Throughout North Carolina:

We’ve all watched with horror — or worse, experienced the horror firsthand — as Hurricane Florence brought death and destruction to our beloved North Carolina. We are very proud of everything physicians and PAs have done to continue to heal and mend in this traumatic situation.

And even though the flood waters have not yet receded everywhere, the rains thankfully have stopped, and the sun is shining. Now we must begin to look forward to the long and difficult task of rebuilding what Florence destroyed.

No doubt you have, and will continue to, receive many solicitations in the coming days to help meet the needs of the thousands of North Carolinians forced out of their homes, and we hope you find it in your heart to support worthy causes.

But as physicians and friends of medicine, we also hope you will help the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) and NCMS Foundation reestablish patient care in the disaster zone. We don’t know yet how many physician practices were damaged or demolished by Florence, but the widespread damage throughout eastern and southeastern NC tells us that number will be high. Too high. Much too high.

Your tax-deductible donation today will support our newly established Disaster Relief Program, administered by the  NCMS Foundation and provide grants to rebuild or repair damaged practices.

The NCMS Foundation Disaster Relief Program helps cover expenses (not covered by insurance or other funding) related to relocating or rehabilitating a medical practice damaged by the current disaster, Hurricane Florence. This may include replacing equipment, aiding essential medical practice staff, rebuilding patient records, telephone system replacements, signage, medical laboratory supplies and other similar costs — all with the goal of helping physicians begin treating their patients again as soon as possible.

[The application process to receive an NCMS Foundation Disaster Relief Program grant will open in the coming weeks. Please check the NCMS Disaster Preparedness and Resource Center page frequently for updates on this.]

Please give today to the NCMS Foundation Disaster Relief Program. 

Thank you for donating to NCMS Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the NCMS, when your colleagues most need your support! I also encourage you to visit the NCMS Disaster Preparedness and Resource Center for practical information for physicians and PAs who are  dealing with the devastation wrought by Hurricane Florence. Bookmark it and come back often for the latest updates.

Lisa P. Shock, Dr.PH (c), MHS, PA-C                           John Reynolds, MD
President                                                                             President
NCMS Foundation                                                            North Carolina Medical Society

PS: With your help, medical practices can overcome obstacles more quickly and get back to caring for patients sooner. Please give today!  


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