NCMS Employee Benefit Plan Update

The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) Employee Benefit Plan (NCMS Plan) Board of Trustees met Friday, Nov. 10 at the NCMS Center for Leadership in Medicine. The NCMS partners with MMIC Agency, LLC to provide NCMS members with a value-added health benefit plan that is straightforward and specifically customized to meet your practice and employee needs. The NCMS Plan is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of physicians. Robert Gossett, MD, a urologist from Shelby, serves as Chairman.

There are several current issues affecting the Plan and its members.  Discussion included:

  • The displacement of Plan members in the Western part of NC is a concern, and the Trustees are following discussions between Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC and Mission Health System in Asheville regarding contract negotiations. Mission Hospital is now out of network with BCBSNC.
  • Trustees are following Federal regulations related to Association Health Plans and assessing potential impact to or opportunities for the Plan.
  • The Plan is offering health wellness grants to select member practices, to provide resources to educate and inform practice employees about their personal wellness that will lead to a decrease in necessary medical care.
  • Other recent benefits added to Plan coverage include MDLive telehealth services and AIM Specialty Health in-home sleep studies integrated with BCBSNC administrative services.

The NCMS is proud of the Plan and its long-standing, reliable service to members.  Member surveys continue to rate the Plan highly. Cindy L. Tilley, Vice President Human Resources, Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region, is one of many practice administrators supporting this valuable program. She says, “The NCMS Plan is like having an extension of our Human Resources Department & wellness team available at our fingertips.”

For more information on the NCMS Plan (link to as an option for your practice’s group health, dental and life benefits, contact the MMIC Agency at (800) 822-6561.


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