NCMS Board Seeks to Encourage Member Participation

At its regular meeting on Saturday, Jan. 13, the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) Board of Directors adopted a new policy to encourage broader member participation in the Society’s leadership. Member volunteers will be able to serve on two NCMS or affiliated groups’ committees or boards at one time, under the new policy.

“With our growing membership, we want to be sure to cultivate a large group of member leaders who represent the diversity of our Society,” said NCMS President John L. Reynolds, MD. “This policy ensures the Board will have the range of perspectives when considering actions or new policy.”

The 2018 committee rosters are now being finalized and will be published in the next Bulletin.


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  • Charles Willson

    For professional organizations, the three most important issues are membership, membership, membership. I applaud this new approach. It’s always easier for staff to do the work but that leads to a trade organization rather than a professional organization.
    Perhaps we could have a senior section at NCMS? Each senior member could be linked to a young physician in NC to recruit for membership.
    Just a thought. . .