NCMS Board of Directors Report to Members

The last Bulletin reported on the NCMS Leadership College’s outstanding meeting held May 18-19 in Wilmington. The NCMS Board of Directors also met during that same weekend and welcomed Past Presidents of the Society to join a robust discussion of the future of medicine.

After speaking to a joint session of the Leadership College and the NCMS Board of Directors, J. Bradley Wilson, President & CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC), attended the Board meeting to provide an update on BCBSNC’s current activities and priorities. Mr. Wilson reported that the company is financially sound and looking to the future. We had a good 20 minute discussion on the challenges of health reform implementation including use of the health benefit exchange, as well as the transition from fee-for service to value-based reimbursement.

I appreciate Mr. Wilson’s candor about issues Board members brought up for discussion, including whether there is a role for BCBSNC in the financing and delivery of Medicaid services in North Carolina, administrative burdens resulting from the preauthorization process, EMR barriers in prescribing and medical education.

Mr. Wilson offered his sincere appreciation to the Board for the work of physicians in North Carolina, and I am pleased to be able to share his thanks with you. In other Board discussion:

John L. Reynolds, MD, gave an update on NC General Assembly action pending as related to priorities set by the Legislative Cabinet. He reported that “Crossover” activities were favorable toward our priorities. Staff has spent considerable time on scope of practice issues, including midwifery and nurse practitioners, and updates have been provided to NCMS PAC members via email alerts and NCMS members via the Bulletin.

Charles Harpe, MD, of Fletcher, NC, was appointed to the Board of the NC Physicians Health Program (NCPHP).


The NCMS Past Presidents were invited to give their input in an open forum on the future of medicine, including implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA); the Toward Accountable Care (TAC) Consortium and Initiative; member benefits for employed physicians; and the NCMS headquarters building renovations. I’d like to thank the following physicians who have served as our Presidents for attending:

Frank Reynolds, MD

Marshall Redding, MD

Charles L. Garrett, MD

Carl K. Rust, II, MD

Richard F. Bruch, MD

Lawrence M. Cutchin, MD

Charles F. Willson, MD

G. Hadley Callaway, MD

Douglas D. Sheets, MD

Albert J. Osbahr, MD

John R. Mangum, MD

Robert Monteiro, MD, is Immediate Past President and retains a position on the Board of Directors.

The input of my colleagues is invaluable. To all of the outstanding physicians who have served the NCMS, I thank you for your guidance, support and commitment to our profession.


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