NC Attorney General Roy Cooper Addresses M3 Conference Attendees

Roy Cooper addresses the M3 audience.

Roy Cooper addresses the M3 audience.

NC Attorney General Roy Cooper, who is running for governor against incumbent republican Gov. Pat McCrory, delivered remarks during the legislative portion of the M3 conference on Sunday morning. He told the nearly 100 in attendance that he understands the challenges physicians face and vowed to work with the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) to ensure physicians can practice medicine without undue regulation.

“Most of all of you just want to treat your patients to get well,” he said. “I wish it was that easy, but in this world it’s not. We have to work hard to get there. Doctors need to be making the decisions about medical procedures. I want you at the table with me as we make these decisions.”

He also said it is “ridiculous that we do not accept the billions of dollars we’ve already sent to Washington to help people here” through expansion of Medicaid. “I need you to help me as governor to get Medicaid expansion for NC,” he said.

Gov. McCrory also was invited to speak at the M3, but declined.


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