Member Testimonial: Jon Bruce, MD


We were having a problem with a third party payer. We were four to five months out with $300,000 worth of unpaid claims and struggling to make payroll. I really didn’t know which way to turn. I figured I’d try the North Carolina Medical Society. I called, and they called right back. They listened to me about the problem we were having. Within 24 hours they got further than my office staff had gotten in four months [with this payer]. Within a week, payments started coming in. Obviously, the NCMS helped quite a bit.

With the way things are going now in medicine, as a doctor you really need someone on your side. I had never really gotten involved with the NCMS before. I thought they were not really productive – I’d ask ‘what do they really do?’  I can clearly see the strength in the NCMS now. I really appreciate what they did for us. In the future, I don’t want to just be the guy who calls with a problem. I want to get involved and maybe be part of the solution.

Jon Bruce, MD
Cary, NC
NCMS member since 2008

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