Medicaid Expansion/Health Care Jobs Initiative

nc-stampHB 858 – Medicaid Expansion/Healthcare Jobs Initiative

Primary Sponsors: Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield (D – Pitt), Rep. Beverly Earle (D – Mecklenburg), Rep. John Autry (D – Mecklenburg), Rep. Bobbie Richardson (D – Franklin)

This bill would expand Medicaid eligibility to include all people under the age of 65 who have incomes equal to or below 133 percent of the federal poverty level. This bill would appropriate funds for costs associated with the expansion, and account for the savings to other state programs as a result of the expansion. Additionally, the state would share the costs of the expansion funded by hospital providers.


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  • Joel Onafowokan,MD

    I support Medicaid Expansion as I have seen a lot of my patients lose coverage and their health on further downward spiral resulting huge hospital costs that they van never pay.