Legislative Oversight Committee on Information Technology – DHHS Update

The Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Information Technology met on Thursday April 5, 2018.

Sam Gibbs from Department of Health and Human Services presented an overview of NCTracks. He stated that the operations provide payments to over 90,000 providers and services to over 2 million beneficiaries.

Currently, they are engaging CSRA to ensure that care is not disrupted after the transition to Managed Care and Medicaid Enterprise System replacement after the Medicaid Managed Care launch.

The Department has received approval from CMS to update their planning document to recognize a multi-phased efforts.

The implementation of the new pre-payment fraud functionality will adhere to the NCGA mandate. This new addition will provide capability to match the Medicaid recipient with a third party, and will provide the ability to flag and pend claims for recipients that have been flagged for review.

An overview of the new Medical Examiner Information System (MEIS) was also provided.  There were 12,200 ME cases in 2017. The new system will replace outdated, obsolete, and unsupported technology currently in use. Two vendors bid on the project and are still under review.


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