How Can We Help You Address the Opioid Epidemic?

The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) and the North Carolina Hospital Association (NCHA) would like to know how to help you most effectively address the opioid abuse epidemic in our state. To assess your needs and to guide us as we assemble and develop resources, we ask that you please complete this brief, 5-question survey by Tuesday, Oct. 24.



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  • C. Franklin Church, MD

    A small percentage of American physicians were/are involved in illegal activity re narcotics, and the pharmaceutical industry also has some “bad apples”. That said, the REAL PROBLEM is the failure of the federal government to cut off the head of the snake by providing adequate resources into stopping the illegal “immigration” of heroin and fentanyl into the US from Columbia and Mexico. It is the availability of cheap illegal narcotics that is doing the killing, but no one is addressing this, finding it easy to point the finger at doctors and legal narcotics distributors. Why?