Gazing Into the Future of Physician Workforce Needs

Last week, the Sheps Center for Health Services Research at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, announced the release of the FutureDocs Forecasting Tool, an interactive, web-based model that estimates the supply of physicians, use of physician services and capacity of the physician workforce to meet future use of health services at the sub-state, state and national levels. Read the press release for more information. Can’t wait to dig in? Access the tool now.

FutureDocs was made possible by a generous grant from The Physicians Foundation. Franklin Walker, NCMS Foundation Director of Rural Health Initiatives, has worked closely with the Sheps Center in the development of this unique tool. Please contact him if you would like a demonstration of how it works and the wealth of information it can provide for planning purposes. You also may call him at 919-833-3836.


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  • gary bean

    the issue of manpower is complex ..HOWEVER I have major concern with the training our current “new docs” are receiving. Not only do they not want to work or extend themselves to see patients when the patients need them — they are being trained to send anything of any complexity to the ER. Specialists do NOT communicate with each other and we (primary care) have to take on the task of sorting out the conflicting things these highly trained specialists are doing in their own fields (focused solely on their organ system) without concideration of the total patient. The total health care work force will need to be HUGE because nobody wants to work anymore and nobody wants to do anything more than their little area of special interst. As my partner says ” LAD” docs (lazy ass doctors)