Focus Groups Elicit Insights into Challenges of Practicing Medicine Today

Rutherford focus groupTo better understand the concerns of those practicing medicine today, the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS), working with consultants from RLF Communications in Greensboro, recently held two focus groups with NCMS members and non-members.

The first was held in April as part of the Durham Orange County Medical Society regular monthly meeting. The second was held last week in Rutherfordton in conjunction with the Rutherford County Medical Society. All together about 50 doctors and physician assistants participated in what was at times lively discussion. A variety of employment/business models were represented in each group including solo practitioners and those part of large hospital networks. Common themes such as frustration with EMRs and the consolidation of individual practices into large networks emerged.

RLF Communications’ analysis and report on the focus groups along with the results of a survey emailed to all licensed physicians in the state will be presented to the NCMS Board of Directors this weekend. The Board is focused on successfully meeting the needs of patients and their doctors during this time of change in our health care system. Input from those on the front lines in medical practice is key to this process.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the focus groups and who completed the survey. Watch the Bulletin for updates on how NCMS serves its members now and in the future.


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