What is the 2017/2018 Dues Deductibility Statement?

Federal law requires the NCMS to notify members that a percentage of dues paid by members is not deductible in accordance with IRC section 6033 regarding professional dues. Dues to the NCMS and component societies are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes but a portion may be claimed as a business expense.

2017:  NCMS estimates that 13% of your membership dues for 2017 is allocable to lobbying activities of the NCMS, and therefore are not deductible for income tax purposes.

Component societies dues deductibility amounts:

  • NC Dermatology Association: 100% non-deductible
  • NC Dermatology Association: 100% non-deductible
  • NC OBGYN Society: 77% non-deductible
  • NC Orthopaedic Association: 100% non-deductible
  • NC Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons: 35% non-deductible

2018:  It is estimated that 11% of 2018 NCMS dues is non-deductible. Component societies have the same deductibility amounts as 2017 (see above).



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