Committee on Intellectual and Developments Disabilities Recommendations

The Legislative Research Commission Committee on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities met on April 16, 2018.

The agenda can be viewed here.

The Committee provided a final report which included four pieces of legislation for the short session in May.

The first recommendation includes creating a position within the Department of Health and Human Services to oversee education and employment programs for individuals with IDD. This position would provide annual reports to the General Assembly. The report would include lists of state and local entities supporting individuals with IDD pursuing post secondary education, employment training, employment, funding streams, data, and strategies for improved coordination.

The second recommendation asks the Government Data Analytics Center to establish a task force to study the collection and use of education and employment outcomes through the NC Longitudinal Data System.

The third recommendation asks the NCGA to allow the withdrawl of funds from Parental Savings Trust Funds to be exempt from being added to the taxpayers adjusted income.

The fourth recommendation proposed legislation to direct DHHS and the Office of State Human resources to create a statewide program that establishes a model program for employers of individuals with developmental disabilities.

The final recommendation asks the UNC General Administration to study if waiting lists for university based education opportunities could be reduced or eliminated if students are enrolled in a certificate program approved by the US Department of Education with an institution within the UNC System.



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