CMA Changes For Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Stage 2 for Meaningful Use has brought some changes to the requirements on who can send Computerized Provider Order Entries (CPOEs).  In stage 1 the requirement indicated that a “licensed professional” must enter orders into the CPOE system. In Stage 2, it is clear that a Medical Assistant must be a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), or have received the appropriate credentialing within the last ninety days prior to starting Stage 2.

However, more questions arose after the new rule was announced. Primarily, the issue of whether this final rule permits CMAs to enter laboratory and radiology orders into the CPOE needed addressing. To review the modified objective, please click here.

To verify CMA status, click here.

To verify an organization, click here.

To review public affairs articles related to the rule change, click here.


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  • Diane

    Can the certified medical assistant have a certification as a registered medical assistant.

  • Kristen Shipherd

    Ms. Yount – Terri Gonzalez, the NCMS Foundation’s Director of Practice Improvement, responded to your question: “The requirement for CPOE is any ‘Licensed Professional’ or credentialed Medical Assistant, so a Nurse Aid that is licensed would qualify for the CPOE entries.”

  • Tamela Yount

    Also, are CNAIIs (Nurse Aid II) that are licensed through the NC Board of Nursing considered “licensed healthcare professionals” and is there a scope of practice that would apply?

  • Tamela Yount

    In the final rule it states on page 53986 “Therefore we finalize the more limited description of including CREDENTIALED medical assistants. The credentialing would have to be obtained from an organization other than the employing organization.” This does not state specially “CERTIFIED MEDICAL ASSISTANTS” as in CMAs. They didn’t stated “CERTIFIED” they stated “CREDENTIALED”. Has this been further clarified in a ruling from CMS to mean just CMAs? If so, where is that documented?

  • This information was just recently brought to our attention by our EHR vendor, Athena. Somehow, we missed getting the information in 2012, even though we have at least 12 certified medical assistants who attend their meetings regularly.

    I feel this is a little known requirement and will have a huge impact on future attestation for MU. Three of our assistants will have to complete certification, hopefully by the end of this year.

    Although my practice is not hospital owned, I understand that it is a common practice for hospitals to hire and train non-certified staff to work in physician offices. I assume this will affect them as well.

    Not sure how we were supposed to receive the information earlier, but would have been very helpful.