The weekly e-newsletter of the North Carolina Medical Society

  • New CPT Codes for H1N1 Immunizations

    The AMA, working with the US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), has expedited the publication of new health care codes specific to the H1N1 vaccine product. The new […]

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  • H.R. 3200: What Is Really Being Proposed?

    NCMS Foundations PractEssentials Presents: An Analysis on the Health Care 3200 Bill A Lunch-Time-Lesson Webinar Date: Thursday, October 8, 2009 Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm What does HR3200 mean to providers, […]

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  • NCMS and BCMS Present Medical Staff Boot Camp November 19

    In a well-run hospital, the medical staff understands and uses its sphere of control effectively, but if the medical staff misunderstands its role or neglects its powers, the hospital, patients […]

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  • 2009 State of Preventive Health Summit Set for Oct. 20

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina will host its annual State of Preventive Health Summit on Oct. 20, featuring a satellite town hall discussion on the topic, “Is […]

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  • Workshop to Help Physicians Hone Skills for Pain and Symptom Management

    The Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life Care is offering a two-day intensive workshop on understanding of pain and symptom management November 12-13, 2009 at Charlotte Marriott Executive […]

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  • NC Orthopaedic Association Elects New Officers at 2009 Annual Meeting

    The NC Orthopaedic Association held its 2009 annual meeting over the September 25-27 weekend. The program included a number of featured speakers and guests, including Senator Richard Burr, Olympic Gold […]

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  • Medicaid Provider Rate Cut Being Implemented Oct.1

    NC Medicaid has announced their proposed State Plan Amendments to save over $200 million from medical services and goods over the next two years. In order to achieve $76 million of this savings this year, NC Medicaid will make a 9% cut to all but 89 specific codes used by physicians and other providers caring for Medicaid patients.

    The Medicaid codes that have been protected will continue to be paid at 95% of Medicare. The other codes will be slashed to an average of 86.5% of Medicare rates. Hospitals that are not owned by the State of North Carolina will also be impacted with a 6% cut to their DRG.

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  • Bulletin for 9/25/2009

    Bulletin for 9/25/2009

    Volume 60 Issue 44 Featured Stories Medicaid Rate Adjustments Debated The Department for Health and Human Services (DHHS) is moving quickly to make changes to achieve the $76 million in […]

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  • Medicaid Rate Adjustments Debated

    The Department for Health and Human Services (DHHS) is moving quickly to make changes to achieve the $76 million in provider rate savings mandated by the NC General Assembly this year. A number of proposals for how to achieve that target are still being discussed. DHHS is considering multiple proposals that would make adjustments based on a physician’s specialty and other proposals that would that would create variable cuts to individual reimbursement codes. Both of these solutions would cause massive divisions within the physician community that could threaten the stability of NC Medicaid.

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  • Compliance Dispute Officer Issues Ruling in Oncology/Rheumatology Dispute

    In a disappointing ruling, Compliance Dispute Officer Martin Quinn has determined that the pricing policy and associated actions taken by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina did not violate key provisions in the BCBS Settlement Agreement.

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