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  • NCMS Analysis of Health System Reform Law and Reconciliation Language

    The North Carolina Medical Society has evaluated the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, signed into law by President Obama earlier today – as well as the reconciliation bill that modifies this law to be debated by the Senate in the coming days.

    The NCMS recognizes the positive measures of this law that expand coverage to more uninsured individuals, eliminate bans on pre-existing conditions and the primary care-based initiatives that would promote prevention and wellness. However, the positive results of these reforms will be overshadowed by disabling actions taken by this bill including:

    • A failure to permanently repeal Medicare’s flawed physician payment formula.
    • A failure to enact meaningful medical liability reform.
    • A failure to allow physicians and patient rights to privately contract without penalties.
    • The imposition of penalties for physicians who do not successfully participate in the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI).
    • The creation of a Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).
    • Ban the establishment of new physician-owned hospitals.

    NCMS has addressed these concerns repeatedly throughout the process with the entire Congressional delegation. Staff as well as physician leadership have visited individually with the North Carolina Congressional delegation to ensure that your voice was heard during this debate.

    For a copy of the NCMS bill comparison, click here. This document will be updated on our site as the reconciliation process continues. Please feel free to offer questions, comments, or feedback via this blog.

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  • Bulletin for 3-19-2010

    Bulletin for 3-19-2010

    Volume 61 Issue 12 – March 19, 2010 Featured Stories U.S. House Releases Health System Reform Reconciliation Language Yesterday afternoon, the U.S. House of Representatives released legislative language for the […]

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  • U.S. House Releases Health System Reform Reconciliation Language

    Yesterday afternoon, the U.S. House of Representatives released legislative language for the reconciliation bill that makes refinements to the Senate’s health reform bill, H.R. 3590. Read on for key provisions. Stay tuned for a Special Bulletin on the latest developments in reform and be watching this site for updates.

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  • North Carolina Medical Board Holds Meeting to Discuss Special Purpose License for Administrative Medicine

    The North Carolina Medical Board held a meeting on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 to discuss the potential creation of a Special Purpose License for Administrative Medicine.

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  • North Carolina Medical Board Continues to Develop Policy on Telemedicine

    The Policy Committee of the North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB) met on Wednesday, March 17, 2010, to discuss a proposed policy on Telemedicine. The NCMB has extended an opportunity to provide your feedback on this issue.

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  • Tobacco Cessation Form Included in 2010 State Health Plan

    The enrollment period for the 2010 State Health Plan (SHP) is now open and will extend into April, with coverage and benefits taking effect July 1.  A new component of the […]

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  • NCMS Representative Speaks to Midwifery Joint Committee

    The legislative study bill passed by the General Assembly last year allows the North Carolina Midwifery Joint Committee (MJC) to present recommendations during the next legislative session regarding the potential licensure of Certified […]

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  • Rand Corporation Study Cites Flaws in Physician Cost-of-Care Profiles by Insurers

    A RAND Corporation study published in the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine offers the first major assessment of physician cost profiling by health insurers. The study […]

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  • NC Medicaid Preferred Drug List Expected to Control Costs

    North Carolina Medicaid patients are now required to have prescriptions filled from a Preferred Drug List.  The new policy took effect March 15, 2010.  NC DHHS says taxpayers could see […]

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  • Conference on Racism in Health Care Delivery Set for Saturday

    Special workshops and a screening of the documentary, “The Deadliest Disease in America,” will take place tomorrow, Saturday, March 20, 2010, beginning at 9:30am at the Duke University School of […]

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