Bowtie Briefing for January 12, 2018: Rural Health & CHIP Update

NCMS Senior VP for Advocacy, Chip Baggett, is back for the first legislative update of 2018. He highlights his recent testimony before the newly formed Committee on Access to Health Care in Rural North Carolina, as well as activity on funding the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). See below for Congressional Delegation contact information…

Contact the NC Congressional Delegation

US Senate:

US House of Representatives:


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  • Charlotte Sweeney

    Thank you for your updates, Chip. We need the information now more than ever. Keep up the work of informing us. Happy New Year!

  • Chip Baggett

    Thank you for the feedback, Dr.Willson. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, CHIP covered 256,446 North Carolinians in 2016. Here’s the link“states”:%7B”north-carolina”:%7B%7D%7D%7D&sortModel=%7B”colId”:”Location”,”sort”:”asc”%7D

  • Chuck Willson

    Thanks for the update, Chip. Your presentation would have been enhanced if you had given the number of children in NC currently on CHIP.
    The last number I saw was 140,000. Pretty impressive. Let me know what the new number is so I can use it when I call Senators Burr and Tills.
    (I’m a little concerned about the graphic for bowtie briefing looking like Trump).