Bowtie Briefing for Feb. 17, 2017: Update on New Federal Rule; Several Health Care Bills Filed This Week

Helpful links:

Read the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Market Stabilization Proposed Rule

View the latest legislative developments on the NCMS 2017 Legislative Session Blog:



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  • Thanks Dr. Willson. I’ll check in with the NC Ped Society on the program you mentioned above.

  • Charles Willson

    Nice report Chip. thanks for all your hardwork. Love the music.
    Where does NCMS stand on adding new diseases to the Newborn Screening Program? Specifically, MPS-1, X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy, and Pompe Disease? NC Ped Society has a work group looking into this request from the March of Dimes. We all should be on the same page on this issue.
    Thanks again for your good work.
    Chuck Willson MD