Bowtie Briefing for August 21, 2015


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  • Beverly Edwards

    Thank you, Mr. Baggett, for the information you share re: NC Medicaid. I am a pediatrician in rural Northeast NC, in a practice I own, Ahoskie Pediatrics. I am fortunate enough to have a Peds certified Nurse practitioner and we operate on the PMH model. We have had serious financial issues over the last few years, being close to having an 80% Medicaid population. Pre-2013, we spent money for equipment and training, so that we could meet our goal of early attestation. We met that goal and received the compensation, but ever since, it has been too little and too late. Costs for maintaining our office are going up and compensation now less. I plan to remain engaged and appreciate that advice. Thank you and have a good day!

    • Chip Baggett

      Thank you for your message. We appreciate your service and your investment in rural NC. I grew up just down the road from you in Tarboro. One of the items that we are requesting of the conferees is a rate floor to ensure that the new risk-bearing entities will not be able to cut your rates even further. While that is only of the elements that would be essential to protect you going forward, we think it is absolutely necessary.

  • This is very disappointing to me. We as physicians through CCNC have proved over and over again how to use resources efficiently. I am not interesting in working with managed care entities that are going to take money out of state. Their profits are balanced on the back of decreasing physician and hospital reimbursement. I believe with an with ACO model we could assume risk moving forward. If this is such a problem why are states around the country coming to Raleigh to find out how they can adopt the CCNC model for their Medicaid population