Act Now: Budget Meeting Tuesday Morning

During recent weeks the NC Senate and House of Representatives have each drafted and approved their own proposals for updates to the 2014-15 state budget. As you may have seen on the NCMS website, the Senate and House proposals are very different from one another. The Senate budget makes drastic cuts to eligibility, ends all plans for Medicaid reform, cuts provider rates and proposes a study to tax physicians’ revenue.

In response to your advocacy, and one of the largest White Coat Wednesdays ever, the NC House adopted a promising state budget that continues to move forward with meaningful Medicaid reform, does not cut eligibility, and will not tax physician revenue. Now the two chambers must come together to agree on a final budget.

Tomorrow morning the Senate Committee on Appropriations on Health and Human Services will meet to discuss the differences between their budget and the budget approved by the House.

It is important to continue our advocacy efforts in the Senate. Please take action right away and ask the committee to support the critical changes important to both your patients and your practice.

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