NC Ob/Gyn Society Leadership

2015-2016 Leadership

Many thanks to the following physicians who have volunteered their time and energy to the society.

M. Kathryn Menard, MD, MPH — Chapel Hill, NC

A. Kellett Letson, MD — Asheville, NC

Keith H. Nelson, MD — Greenville, NC

C. Richard Kirsch, MD — Thomasville, NC

Immediate Past President:
Cecilia F. Grasinger, MD — Boone, NC

Past President:
James T. Al-Hussaini, MD — Mooresville, NC

Annual Meeting Program Chair:
Elizabeth Livingston, MD — Durham, NC

Member at Large:
Tana Hall, MD — Greenville, NC

Member at Large:
Thor Svendsen, MD — Charlotte, NC

ACOG Section Chair:
John R. Allbert, MD — Charlotte, NC

Executive Director:
Alan Skipper, CAE

Deputy Director:
Denna L. Suko, MA

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