Legislative Oversight Committee on Medicaid and NC Health Choice Update

The Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Medicaid and NC Health Choice met on March 13, 2018.

Status of Cardinal Innovations Healthcare LME/MCO

Trey Sutten, Interim CEO, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare presented on the future of Cardinal. Following audits, Cardinal has developed and implemented a Corrective Action Plan. Audits of compliance with this new plan will take place every 6 months. Cardinal is also currently soliciting proposals to fund high impact initiatives that will affect the members in their community area.

Report on Funding for GME Payments and Actions Taken to Achieve Flex Cut

Dave Richard, Deputy Secretary for Medical Assistance, DHHS reported that we are on target to spend what was expected on GME for this fiscal year.

1115 Waiver Update and Work Plan for Medicaid Transformation

Jay Ludlum, Assistant Secretary for Medicaid Transformation, DHHS presented that the procurement process has started. He provided an overview of the Medicaid publications timeline from August of 2017 until now.

Jay also reported that there has been CMS Progress on the amended 1115 waiver. Secretary Cohen met Mark 12 with CMS Administrator Verma to discuss waiver status. The next step is to draft Special Terms and Conditions (STCs).

Mandy Cohen, MD, Secretary, DHHS stated that the policy paper comments are taken seriously. She informed the committee that the feedback was crucial to making changed with how the plan will move forward.

Plan to Implement Coverage for Home for Pregnant Women and Families with Young Children

Dave Richard, Deputy Secretary for Medical Assistance, DHHS presented on a plan delivered to the NCGA on January 24, 2018. Cleveland and Johnston counties will be used as a pilots. Cleveland County will implement Medicaid coverage for nurse visits for all first time mothers and infants. Johnston County will implement coverage for home visits for all high risk pregnant women and their infants. He provided fiscal estimates, and project milestones.


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